Services Offered

Services Offered

This is probably what you’ve been scouring the website for. What services I offer. My passion lies with romance (all genres, except for dark/horror. I get nightmares WAY too easily to venture into those categories.) However, I will also accept fantasy manuscripts.

There are two ways we could work together:

A Developmental Edit:

Price: $0.03 per word.

This includes a read through of your completed manuscript. I’ll provide feedback on plot elements/holes, info dumps, story structure, pacing, emotional beats, essential elements, missing elements, use of imagery, character, consistency (character, story, timeline, etc.).

I’ll also provide feedback on writing, voice, storytelling, and narrative. There will also be comments on how real the characters seem and their chemistry/interactions. I’ll provide comments on how to strengthen the story (if needed) and a detailed critique of the first chapter. But don’t worry, I’ll also tell you what I LOVE!

Once the manuscript is complete, you’ll also get a one hour phone call with me! (Surprising, I know, you were totally expecting someone else, right?).

Outline Overhaul:

Price: $500

Having problems fitting things together? Or not sure where to put specific events? Or are your characters not really developing? Do you have an idea but aren’t really sure if it’s golden material? Look no further! You’ll provide a long outline where you go chapter-by-chapter and describe plot and character development. Then I’ll provide feedback, giving you the next steps to create a gripping story. There will be at least three back-and-forth revisions of the outline to craft an idea road map before you begin writing.

Ready to roll?

Schedule a date and time below that works for you for an intro call: