Junk In My Trunk

Junk In My Trunk

(AKA roughly 1,600,000 words worth of books I’ve written over the last 6 years, for the love of writing and to hone my craft, most of which probably won’t see the light of day, except for a few, maybe, if you ask nicely and send me a Twix…or three.)

Aaron: Because I actually never thought of a title for this one…

Halfhearted synopsis: Aaron is a futuristic crime novel. A drop-dead handsome detective (who happens to hate female attention), Aaron discovers a plot by a nasty neighboring country to release a terribly toxic poison and kill tons people! He teams up with the smart, kick ass, bio-engineer Arian to stop the evil masterminds! Our poor Aaron suffers through blood, tears, and lots of references to poisonous plants.

This book has some potential. It’s got all the wonders of a futuristic sci-fi, with digital retina displays, poisonous plants, and of course huge screens. It needs some TLC and rewriting, and editing and some plot holes fixed… You might get to read it someday, if you’re lucky, and if I decided it will have market appeal.


Alternate Dimension:

Another one I didn’t formally name… however, between you and me, I HATE naming books. I can never come up with something that I like.

Halfhearted synopsis: Tamsin discovers a pristine window in a dilapidated lakeside shack, and when she accidentally tumbles through said window, she finds herself in a world very unlike her own. Instead of regular security patrols, a domineering dictator, strict rules (who can’t slouch at school?), and regulated caffeine products, she finds a bright and free city. However, will the evil dictator of her world find his way into this free land?

Maybe… maybe… again, like all of my wonderful works, it has potential, but it has some plot issues. But, it’s an okay story. I think it might have market appeal, but it might not. I’ll probably scrap it for parts, the characters and world are interesting, but the story is lacking muchness.



What??? Another one without a title… I’m sensing a pattern here. Before I come up with a title, I generally just think of the project by the name of the main character, or the gist of the story.

Halfhearted synopsis: A delightful story about a place where no females have been born for 200 years!

This was the second book I ever wrote. This one has a lot of potential, and I’ll probably revisit it in the future, but in present form it’s composed of one cliché after another. But it’s a great story, exactly my sorta jam.


Ember Rose:

Okay, now you’re no longer expecting legit titles, which is good, because you ain’t gonna get them!

Halfhearted synopsis: Fairies plague the lands, elves teach biology, and humans try to deal with the chaos. Ember Rose is hand-picked to join a team destined to stop a man trying to release the Earth’s energies and kill everything but humans. Joined by Sage River, the boy she’s been secretly crushing on for years, she must face the evil and realize that even humans are unique too.

Golly, I think this was #3. Maybe? I can’t remember. It’s shelved to be recycled. While the premise is entertaining, it lacks a certain muchness. However, my most favorite part about this book is all the character names are like pure nature hippy stuff. I’ll come back to this one for sure.


Hidden Princess:

Does this count as a title?

Halfhearted synopsis: A young princess is forced from her home in the dead of night, with only the clothes on her back, (which she promptly sells for some cash), and makes her home in the forest. Eventually, after much toil and tribulations, she is forced to beg for food at the castle backdoor. A young, handsome guard recognizes her, and together they oust the evil wizard and reclaim her throne!!

An uncompleted, typical story about a princess, a love interest, some suffering, and injuries. What can I say? I’ve got a weakness for princesses, probably because I am one (fine, because I wish I was one, sheesh). I also love it when the girl is so terribly hurt, but pulls through a better person on the other side, with lots of scars of course. Scars are cool.



Halfhearted synopsis: After years and years of terrible war for resources, and just because the bad guy likes freezing people (he controls cold temperatures), he decides the princess is worthy of himself and proposes to her. So naturally, because all princesses are selfless and gracious beings, she accepts to save her land and people!! Of course, she does. However, enter the handsome newly crowned king, who sweeps her off into blissful love land. She refuses to marry evil ice dude, and he’s super mad about it, so he kidnaps her!! And the handsome newly crowned king has to save her!

Oh my gosh! Another princess! Are you shocked? This one has some potential, but probably not… It’s another example of a walking cliché. It’s probably going to be used for parts. Especially the part where the girl hides away in a map room to eat a plate full of desserts, that’s my kind of female.


Secret Life:

Halfhearted synopsis: Jayden is the never-before-picked-up-a-cooking-utensil daughter of an innkeeper. When her mother is kidnapped right under her nose, her cousin, the muscular beefy blacksmith Rowan, saves her. Eventually, after she runs away and gets intercepted by trolls, Rowan decides to accompany her to the capital to save her mother. Along the way, they’re tormented by tree loving goblins, cute little river creatures, and bad guys. Lots of bad guys. Jayden discovers why her mother was kidnapped, and realizes she must become more than a innkeeper’s daughter.

I wrote this gem for NaNoWriMo. It’s yet another princess story, swoon. I’ll probably leave it as it, so everyone can see the enjoyable process of becoming a writer. Because I can 100% guarantee you’ll find issues, holes, grammar and punctuation problems. That’s okay, I’m still proud, and I’ll drop a nice fact about this book; I renamed the girl like seven times. NO JOKE! I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to call her.



Summertime Sadness:

Halfhearted synopsis: This half-finished story is about a girl (OMG she’s not a princess!!!!), who is stuck in her own personal hell. With only her drawing pencils to keep her company, she longs for more. She meets Easton, but the catch is he’s only with her during the spring/summer months. So wintertime is always cold and lonely. With such limited time to be with her love will she survive or become devoured by her hell?

I’ll try all my days to figure out how to make this story work… However, there is a huge twist!! It’s not complete, and honestly, it might never be… But I’ll try because the twist is oh so juicy. I’ll drop a factoid: This story is inspired by the song Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray.



Halfhearted synopsis: A girl accompanies her legal guardians to work in the castle, there she meets the handsome heir to the throne, and his utterly terrible, dark, nasty brother. After nearly falling from buildings, romantic dances, war, forgotten swords, and night attacks, she and the prince get together. However, the bad, totally terrible, dark, nasty brother has other ideas. Will the dashing prince ever save his love!

This book is another giant cliché. But, it’s near and dear to my heart, because while I was writing it, I fell in love with writing. This is the first book I wrote after my long hiatus from writing. It’s basically Cinderella, except not as good, and cliché, and wonderful.

Because I am a generous god, I’ll show the manuscript to anyone who asks. I’m a firm believer that seeing progress is one of the ways to improve. So you can read this manuscript…if you ask nicely…and give me Twix.


Ryan West:

Halfhearted synopsis: In the middle of the night, a cop encounters a girl drenched in blood, cuts, scrapes, and carrying a knife. Eventually, it’s discovered that the girl, Ryan West, worked as a tutor/nanny for a man who ran a drug cartel. She tells a tale of revenge, bodies in the garden, and slaughtered party guests. She is placed under the protection of Ranger Sawyer, and he has to keep her safe no matter what.

A small snippet of a fraction of a story with my favorite (hint: it’s not a princess!) Texas Ranger, Gage, from Walker Texas Ranger. Granted, he’s not named Gage, but he’s a Texas Ranger, and he’s lovely. The girl is fantastic too; I’ll give you a small sample. She stared down the super bad guy during her entire testimony! Made that dude squirm in his seat. HAHA! How awesome is that? And it’s not even a princess.



Halfhearted synopsis: The high lord of the fairies is hell-bent on destroying the werewolves. His daughter has other plans and ditches his ass, to help the wolves. Together the girl and the alpha wolf rally the rest of the werewolves and forest creatures to stop the high lord and defeat his nasty ass!

Another not finished story about a fairy PRINCESS!!!!! And a werewolf who loves to garden. LOL. Yep. I’m full of them. This story might make it to the light of day eventually because I really like the characters, and the story, and the ideas, and really everything about it. But it will take a lot of work to make the story compelling and the villain sympathetic. Still, I love it!



Halfhearted synopsis: This is another uncompleted story about a wonderful (how many times have I said wonderful??) girl who loves red peppers and avocado, and also hears voices. But, she isn’t crazy, because that would be cliché right? An evil being, no one knows if it’s human or not, has to have her to speak to the ghosts, entities, and apparitions to take over the world! Can the cliché cop save her?

Well, this is yet another uncompleted story. I’ll scrap this one for parts, there is a good story hidden there, but probably not in this format. But who knows! Granted it doesn’t have a princess… so maybe I’ll ditch it and dance on its bones.


Fate of Fyre:

The first evidence that yes, I can name my books something besides the protagonists first name, or a thinly conceived single word. HA!

Halfhearted synopsis: Kyra is the only person she’s known, or seen, or even heard of to have the ancient and extinct Fyre. When the centuries-old witch finds her, she convinces Kyra to abandon her perfect life to find the other Fyre Wielders, and save the world from an evil mastermind hell-bent on destroying a god to gain its power. With her five companions, beasts, ghosts, and warriors, she sets out to confront the evil and save the god.

This manuscript will always be unique to me. It’s my first attempt at an epic fantasy, and I’ve rewritten it…. Drum roll….. fifteen times. Yep, read that again, fifteen. Granted it’s not 500 times (like Patrick Rothfuss), but fifteen rewrites testifies to the fact that I learned so much between version 1 and 15. It’s long, confusing, convoluted, overly complicated, and full of PRINCESSES!!!!! Ghosts, terrible creatures, magic, and awesomeness. I can guarantee one way or another the world will read Fate of Fyre.

And finally, *DRUMROLL*, my pride and joy:

Slivers of Infinity:

This will be the first book you’ll (hopefully) see on shelves within the next year or two.

I’ve written it with the idea that this will be my debut book. I carefully crafted the outline, plot, characters, and magic to be amazing. I’ve polished it more than any of my other stories, it’s been professionally edited, beta read, and polished even more. I’m in the final stages now, (2/4/19), and I’m waiting to hear back from my last beta readers, then with another round of edits (based on their recommendations), another professional edit, and an analysis by the Bestseller Code people. Hopefully I’ll have a story that an agent, and you, will want to read!!!

I’m keeping the details of this one under wraps for now, but hopefully you’ll know more soon 😉

These books are my babies. They’ve seen the best I can offer sitting at my keyboard. They’ve seen the worst I can come up with. These books are what I’ve been working on for the last six years. Combined, these account for the roughly 1,600,000 practice words I’ve written.

I believe that to learn you must practice, you must write, write, write, even if its riddled with cliché’s, holes, problems, inconsistencies, and terrible grammar. Write. Practice. Improve. Learn. Re-write. It’s a process people, a long, drawn out process. What are you doing still reading this?

Go forth and write!