About Me

About Me

Crap, where to start? Well, most professionals will tell you where and when they got their credentials, experience, and where they worked. But between you and me, that’s sorta boring. I mean, how many times can you read about schooling?

So where am I going to start? Should we begin with the origins of my love of story? Maybe, but that’s long and complicated. Shit.

Considering most About Me pages are a simple paragraph or two, I’ve already failed because this one is already several paragraphs long and you still don’t know jack.

So, I’m either a total trendsetter… or I’m very mysterious 😉

Though to be fair, can you actually know another person? We’re all more complicated than bio boxes and a few sentences. Is this where I convince you of my vast experience, assure you that your precious story will thrive under my hands?

I’ve got just the thing.

*hypnotic gaze* MY EXPERIENCE IS VAST *end hypnotic gaze*

But all jokes aside, I’ll tell you the truth.

I love story. I love stories. I love myths and legends and fables. I love everything about telling a story. Once I woke up to that, I haven’t looked back. So I did the only thing that I could. I wrote, and I devoured.

I devoured the written word. Sure, I’ve always loved reading but I never really considered what lies behind the written word. Once I awoke to the beauty of story, I did more than just consume stories. I learned how stories were crafted. The tiny details that endear a reader. The overarching techniques that bind words together. Every shred of connective tissue used.

That’s where the last years have gone. To study. I’ve read countless books on how to create story. Even better is I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reading, lots and lots. In the year 2020, I read 380 books! I’m very proud of that.

Which brings me to the convincing part of this little page. You should hire me. If there is even a tiny shred of doubt, let me banish it now. I know story. I know the hard rules. I know when to break those rules. If anything, you’ll get someone who’s so passionate about story they always bring 100% to the table. And mashed potatoes. Because mashed potatoes are the bomb.

And because I can’t help myself, I’ll leave you with a few intresting facts about yours truly.

  • I love sleeping. I can be in bed for 10 hours. Easy. Sometimes more.
  • I love bubbly water. But not soda, soda is too sugary and fake. Except some local brands (I’m looking at you, Dr. Virgils). I really prefer straight up carbonated water, then I add herbal tea. Yummy.
  • I totally love Mongolian Throat Singing. Like I’m a huge fan. I even tried super hard to talk the husband into taking us to Mongolia, but alas, the super long airplane flight is a no-go for us. But one day I’ll visit, and fangirl all over.
  • I’ve written about two million words at this point. But as of right now, I’m just writing for myself. One day I might publish my words, but I’m just enjoying the creative process for right now. But trust me, you’ll be the first to know when that changes.
  • I can watch the same movie like fifty times… maybe more. Definitely more. Pretty sure I’m up to like 73 viewings of Battle Los Angeles at this point. Don’t judge me.

There, are you satisfied? At least this wasn’t a traditional boring put you to sleep Zzzzzzz About Me page. You’re welcome.

I mean, how often can you read where an author lives (digital nomad), how many kids they have (one), and what their favorite food is (pizza, definitely pizza) without dying of boredom?

At least this is super interesting.

Whatever, I think it’s interesting, and this is my website, so there.

K Thanks Bye!

What’s that? You want an actual author photo? A.E. McRoberts at Carnival in Venice Italy

Me, during Carnival in Venice. So epic.