Services Offered

Services Offered

This is probably what you’ve been scouring the website for! What services I offer 😁

Which for the time being is various flavors of developmental editing for romance (all genres, except for dark/horror; I get nightmares WAY too easily to venture into those categories) and fantasy manuscripts.

There are three ways we could work together:

Full Developmental Edit:

Price: $0.015 per word

This includes a full read-through of your completed manuscript. I’ll provide feedback on plot elements/holes, info dumps, story structure, pacing, emotional beats, essential elements, missing elements, use of imagery, character, consistency (character, story, timeline, etc.) in-line as comments.

I’ll also provide feedback on writing, voice, storytelling, and narrative. There will also be comments on how real the characters seem and their chemistry/interactions. I’ll provide comments on how to strengthen the story (if needed) and a detailed critique of the first chapter. But don’t worry, I’ll also tell you what I LOVE!

At end of every chapter, you’ll get a summary of what worked well, what can be improved upon and general story thoughts for that chapter. Also, you’ll receive an editorial letter once I’ve completed the full developmental edit that wraps up my feedback for the manuscript as a whole.

Pricing Estimates:

  • 60,000 word manuscript = $900
  • 75,000 word manuscript = $1,125
  • 90,000 word manuscript = $1,350

Mini Developmental Edit:

Price: $0.01 per word

A developmental edit, small style! This includes all the key points touched on by a full developmental edit (including the editorial letter), but excludes the chapter summaries. You can do this as your first developmental edit, or this option is also great for a 2nd pass on a manuscript I’ve already done a full edit for.

But don’t worry, there will be nothing mini about the quality of the comments and help you receive! Except maybe if I make the font tiny… then does it count as mini comments? 😁

Pricing Estimates:

  • 60,000 word manuscript = $600
  • 75,000 word manuscript = $750
  • 90,000 word manuscript = $900

Pair Developmental Editing:

Price: $0.03 per word

In the world of programming, they have what’s called Pair Programming, where two developers sit at one workstation (or remotely on one virtual console), with one working while the other observes and provides feedback on what they’re seeing (part training, part a second pair of eyes on the work for quality control).

With Pair Developmental Editing, we’ll set a time each day (no more than 60-90 minutes per day) for 2-3 weeks where we will work together live in a Google Doc copy of your manuscript. I’ll go through and do my full developmental editing process, and you can observe and jump into the comments and ask questions or make changes with me in real-time.

This is part editing and part writing coaching, which some clients have found super helpful.

Pricing Estimates:

  • 60,000 word manuscript = $1,800
  • 75,000 word manuscript = $2,250
  • 90,000 word manuscript = $2,700


The Padawan Experience (aka Mentoring)

Price: $60 an hour

I’m here for you! I’ve got your back! Err, fingers? I’ll take you under my wing and teach you everything I know about how to craft an amazing story. You’ll be my Anakin, without the whole turning evil part. Unless that’s really want you want to do, but know this; I won’t chop off your limbs and leave you to die in a lava pit. You’ll learn everything it takes to craft a fantastic story that will astound readers for years to come!

I am flexible about how you’d like to approach this. If you want weekly phone calls, I’m there. You want access to me over google docs and email, done. If you’d like help with content creation, I’m your gal. You want to pick my brain? Probably not, weirdo. However, I draw the limits at lightsaber duels, that costs extra.

Basically, you name the experience, and if it’s within reason, I’ll make it happen!

Outline Overhaul:

Price: $250

Having problems fitting things together? Or not sure where to put specific events? Or are your characters not really developing? Do you have an idea but aren’t really sure if it’s golden material? Look no further! You’ll provide a long outline where you go chapter-by-chapter and describe plot and character development. Then I’ll provide feedback, giving you the next steps to create a gripping story. There will be up to three back-and-forth revisions of the outline to craft an idea road map before you begin writing.

For all projects, here’s the nitty gritty:

  • I’ll need you to send me a copy of your completed manuscript in a Word doc (I don’t work with PDFs, or Google Docs unless we’re Pair Editing).
  • Payment terms are 50% due upfront before work starts, and the remaining 50% due on completion. You can pay via PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash.
  • Turnaround is 2 weeks from the date the first payment is received.
  • I strongly recommend that you DO NOT do any other work on your manuscript while I’m doing my developmental edit, as it will make it more difficult for you to merge the feedback if you’ve made changes I did not see during my edit.


“If you’re looking for an editor or writing mentor, I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough. We met on an online writing subreddit, I’d finished my first novel. I had an excellent concept, but I struggled with pacing and story structure. Ashley was instrumental in helping me improve my writing. After her mentorship, my work garnered more positive reviews, commenting on the tight writing, engaging story, and complex characters. As an editor, she has been highly supportive and encouraging. However, what I most appreciate about her is her straightforwardness. When something can be improved, she is upfront about it! This is exactly what I needed: I’d much rather have a clear description of the problem than have someone confuse the feedback by attempting to soften the blow! I have learned so much from Ashley, who brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to any conversation about developing and crafting a story.” – Whitney Kelly.


Ready to take the plunge?