Kiss of the Reaper

Kiss of the Reaper

I’ve been working on a new story, Kiss of the Reaper! Something a little different for me as well. Because I ventured away from long form novels into light novels! The only real difference is the emphasis on dialogue and character, so right up my alley! This story is almost as good as pancakes…almost.

Kiss of the Reaper is an urban fantasy light novel.

The best part is you can already read the first two chapters! On Royal Road and Rainobu!

The dicks who assembled the bible changed several details. The most egregious being four horsemen of the apocalypse. They aren’t men, they’re women.

Styx leads the horsewomen of the apocalypse as Death. After existing since the creation of the world, she’s been around the block a few times.

Kiss of the Reaper
Kiss of the Reaper

Which is why, after being summoned against her will by a nerdy human scholar, she’s rather perturbed. She doesn’t have time to deal with that complication, because for the last few centuries, demons, invaders from the unknown realms, have plagued the world.

They have extremely powerful magic, ruthless morals, and a hidden agenda. All the things that Styx hates. But somehow, she discovers something that she hates even more.

Being hopelessly attracted to Caleb. Styx should hate him, with his stupid grin, obsession with books, and an annoying propensity to look at her like she’s the most fantastic thing since indoor plumbing.

Still, against all reason, they’re drawn to each other. The timing could be better, though, because the demons are escalating and putting the known realms at risk.

Styx should have better things to do than eat popcorn and sort through runes with Caleb, but neither one of them can deny the growing bond that’s sprouted.

Destiny and desire draws them closer together, with both Styx and Caleb risking everything being involved. Despite the growing feelings for each other, the demons are slowing tearing apart the world, and Styx has to stop them.

But as desire rapidly gives way to devotion, sinister demonic powers target Caleb, hungry to mercilessly reap the lovers’ passionate soul bond fueling abilities beyond imagining.

With both mortal and immortal realms balancing upon a razor’s edge, Styx must chart a course beyond life, death, and even love to preserve their cosmic equilibrium and sacred bond from annihilation in a final reckoning, where the winner takes all.



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