Past Client Recommendations



“If you’re looking for an editor or writing mentor, I cannot recommend Ashley highly enough. We met on an online writing subreddit, I’d finished my first novel. I had an excellent concept, but I struggled with pacing and story structure. Ashley was instrumental in helping me improve my writing. After her mentorship, my work garnered more positive reviews, commenting on the tight writing, engaging story, and complex characters. As an editor, she has been highly supportive and encouraging. However, what I most appreciate about her is her straightforwardness. When something can be improved, she is upfront about it! This is exactly what I needed: I’d much rather have a clear description of the problem than have someone confuse the feedback by attempting to soften the blow! I have learned so much from Ashley, who brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to any conversation about developing and crafting a story.” – Whitney Kelly.


“Ashley was an absolute joy to work with. She offered me several great suggestions concerning the pacing and developmental structure of my manuscript and her input really improved it in terms of flow and logic! She was honest and very helpful. I’m beyond pleased with the results.” – Camille Dwight.


“My first impression of Ashley McRoberts was that she was unabashed in her honesty, something I enjoyed. But as straightforward as she was, she was just as open with the compliments about what worked and what was great. Her comments were included within the writing, so I was able to see the specific scenes her feedback was referring. Working with Ashley made me aware of writing characteristics I hadn’t previously thought about and I was grateful for her knowledge every step of the way.” Chelsea Gray.


“Ashley was a delight to work with as an editor. She maintains the mental flexibility needed to appreciate your work for what it is while also warning you where it’s likely to lose the average reader. When you’re trying something a little bit different, when you’re developing the shape of your manuscript, that’s exactly what you need from a developmental editor — someone who shows you all the things your work can be and helps you set the direction.

“This makes her feedback both valuable and emotionally accessible despite the grueling, ego-crushing process that is writing and revision. She works on a quick timeframe and provides detailed responses, so it’s easy to figure out how her general understanding of your work is informed by concrete elements of that work. I look forward to working with Ashley again in the future, and I strongly recommend that others do so as well.” – Cynthia S. Skye