Pancakes All Day!

Pancakes All Day!

yummy pancakes

Hello Padawan! If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you’re probably familiar with my love of pancakes. So, being the generous god I am, I’m going to share my recipe with you! And why yes, these photos all featuring my most delicious pancakes!

Now, prepare yourself:

1 heaping cup of flour. (I’ve discovered to make really fluffy pancakes, there needs to be a bit more dry and less wet. Then they’re super fluffy!)

2 tsp baking powder.

2 pinches salt.

2 tbsp sugar.

3/4 cup milk. (The actual recipe calls for 1 cup milk, but to make them super fluffy I add a little less.)

2 small or 1 large egg.

2 tbsp butter.

1 tsp vanilla.

Now this is where it gets funky. All pancake recipes call for the wet and dry ingredients to be mixed separately. But, gasp, I don’t! I just throw them all in the bowl and mix with a whisk. Lol, that sorta rhymes, mix with a whisk. Now, don’t over mix. Just sorta swish things around until everything is blended and there are no large lumps. If you find it’s too thick, you can add more milk, but I never do. Because the thicker the batter, the thicker the pancakes!

Pancakes and bacon

Usually I let the batter sit for a little, probably because I’m cooking bacon right before. Then I plop some batter down in the bacon grease and sprinkle the top with my own cinnamon sugar concoction. Then you let them sit and cook until the bubbles don’t fill in. But don’t make the pan too hot, or you’ll burn them. And that would be a huge crime against humanity.

Once the bubbles don’t fill, just flip! Let them sit for just a few on this side. Usually, I poke them until they feel solid. I have no idea how much time it takes, because I always eyeball it, and my ability to guess time sucks.

Then smother plenty of butter and syrup on top and enjoy!


Recipe variations!

Yep, pancakes just got a little better with these variations, so prepare yourself.

Add some tapioca flour! Yep, I add about 1/3 cup tapioca flour sometimes. It gives them a sort of springy texture.

Instead of milk, try buttercream. This makes them super silky.

Instead of milk or buttercream, try double cream! This will make them creamy and decadent.

These beauties are banana foster pancakes!

Banana foster pancakes