New Release: Blood Stone

New Release: Blood Stone

Hello my faithful padawans! I’m so happy to announce the release of my adventure romance novel, Blood Stone: A Red Fox Romance.

Blood Stone is an adventure romance that follows the story of Lark, a bubbly and enthusiastic woman who is in love with the grumpy ex-marine, Brix. When Lark discovers a stolen and valuable jewelry set, she vows to return it to its rightful owners, but things quickly become dangerous as she is stalked and threatened by those who want to take the set for themselves. With the help of Brix and the private security company, Red Fox, Lark must fight to protect herself and the jewelry set while also confronting her feelings for Brix. As the threats escalate, Lark and Brix are forced to face their fears and risk everything for love.

This book has a lot of my favorite tropes going for it. Sunshine/grumpy, age gap, best friend’s sister, and damsel in distress just to name a few. I really enjoyed writing this book because of the interactions between Brix and Lark. She’s so enthusiastic and he’s so even that they really play off each other really well. At least I think so! But you’ll have to tell me what you think because I always love to hear from my readers.

This book is dear to me because it’s the first romance that I’ve released! My first book, Slivers of Infinity, is a fantasy. Romance is my absolute favorite to write, so I’m so excited to be able to release this wonderful book into the world! I hope you love it as much as I do! Now this new release of Blood Stone will hopefully bring you as much pleasure to read as it was to write!

You can find it on Amazon and read it free on Kindle Unlimited!

Blood Stone book cover

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