New Release Slivers of Infinity

New Release Slivers of Infinity

I’m so excited and proud to announce the release of my book, Slivers of Infinity! Remember the pretty cover?

Time to celebrate Slivers of Infinity

To be completely honest, there was a part of me that never really believed I’d release a book. That sounds so completely strange, because I’m such a big fan of story and writing. I mean, I do all this preaching at ya’ll! But I was convinced that I’d never really be good enough to release a book into the world.

Sounds stupid, right? But we all have our fears, and this is…or was mine. Because I know I’m not exactly Stephen King or Brandon Sanderson. My writing has its flaws, and I know it might not be super acceptable to admit flaws, but I have them. Surprising right! Hahahah.

Because of those flaws, I thought that I’d never really be accepted as a ‘real’ writer. But then I had a realization. I didn’t care.

I don’t care if I outsell Stephenie Meyer, or EL James. All I want to do is write stories, I want to tell stories. So they might be the biggest pile of crap in the universe, but they’re mine. I’ve got to say that my husband was a big help in coming to this realization and giving me that final push to publish.

Because of him, I can say that today Slivers of Infinity is out in the world. This book is close to my heart, probably because I love the story so much and I worked very hard on it.

Now, y’all can pop over to amazon and either get it through Kindle Unlimited, or drop a few bones to own it!



Now that you have a chance to take home an original AE product, your lives are complete.


Now, go forth and write!

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